Bracelet with clip completes the striking appearance of this replica watches

One of André Belfort's most impressive models is the Roue du Temps IP in black. We have taken a detailed look at this men's replica watches.

The stainless steel housing rests robustly on the wrist. The bracelet with clip closure, also in stainless steel completes the striking aspect of this replica watches.The design is relatively sober replica watches uk, a feature that is usually very well received by the male audience. We say “relatively sober” because, André Belfort would not be André Belfort, if the model did not enjoy the odd detail that attracts attention. Thus, the Roue du Temps also has five screws that hold the dial, which allows you to see the inside of the mechanism. In general terms we can say that the replica watch has a technical and sober look, which harmonizes perfectly with the set.

Inside we find a high-precision mechanical mechanism Miyota with 21 rubies. The irrayable sapphire crystal protects the inner life of this replica watches.

When wearing it, we were positively surprised by the fact that despite the weight replica watches uk, the Roue du Temps is very comfortable and not at all uncomfortable. Water resistance is tested by the manufacturer at 5ATM, which is more than enough for all those who do not include diving in their daily activities.